Biogenic Dental: Located in Utica close to Syracuse and Schenectady


At Biogenic Dental Lab, our technicians have a vast knowledge of all implant systems. We have a variety of options for your patients. Have our experts help you design your next implant case

The most critical portion of most implant related cases is the intimate relationship between abutment and implant. We have PERFECTED this process.

Crown & Bridge Implants

We offer Custom Milled Abutments that include a TI Abutment or a Zirconia Abutment.

We have a substantial variety when it comes to our Screw-Retained Crowns that include the following:

iPFM 100 (Porcelain to NP Alloy)
iPFM 900 (Porcelain to SP)
iPFM 1000 (Porcelain to Noble)
iPFM 1500 (Porcelain to High Noble)
iPFZ (Porcelain fused to Zirconia
iLD (Lithium Disilicate Crown)
iZirlux (Zirlux FC2 Implant Grown)

Hybrid Bars & Clip Bars

Biogenic combines the latest technology with years of laboratory experience to produce the highest quality restorations along with innovative techniques that will effectively and efficiently complete your cases.

When it comes to our hybrid bars & clip bars, we can offer you the following:

Milled TI Alloy Fixed Detachable Bridges
Milled Ti Alloy clip Bar Over-Dentures

Premium Implant Dentures

Premium implant denture includes a soft tissue model, articulation, premium denture teeth, high-impact processing, master model & a putty matrix for storage.

Precious Alloy

Please note that precious alloy and gold are charged at current market prices. All precious PFMs include 1.5 grams of alloy. Additional Alloy is charged at the current market price.