Testimonials from Happy Clients

Biogenic Dental is located in Utica which is near Syracuse and Schenectady

I would tell other dentists to send their work to Biogenic Dental. They will be happy with the quality of work they receive!!

Dr. John Menard DDS

Superb…great communication…great workmanship. I am very satisfied with them. We have a win-win relationship. Change your lab, you will be thrilled with the change.

Dr. Kenneth Schwartz

Always great. Biogenic is a great team member. They will help you any way they can…always available…easy to talk to.

Dr. Donna Cotrupe

Always good…always willing to do what needs to be done to solve any problem, to make your patient happy. Biogenic is a great lab. They provide quality and stand behind it.

Dr. Stanley J. Rosinski