Ultaire AKP

A High-Performance Polymer

Dentists Like:

Biocompatible - monomer free and a good choice for patients with metal sensitivity
Aesthetic - tooth colored polymer
Heat Resistant - resists temperatures to 300°Flexural Strength - 148 MPa
Elastic Modulus - 3500 MPa
Charpy Impact - 10.2 kj/m2 post-conditioning Ultaire AKP RPD frames have been successfully made for Kennedy Classes I, II and III

Patients Like:

No metallic taste in mouth
Aesthetically superior - no visible metal
LightweightBone like properties - improved fit which may limit future bone loss
Biocompatible - monomer free and a good choice for patients with metal sensitivity.

SLM Laser Sintered Partial Frameworks

CAD/CAM and milling have become the gold standard for accuracy and consistency in fixed prosthetic restorations over the past decade. However, other than having the ability to digitally design and print a wax pattern for the fabrication of a partial framework, this technology have not been fully adaptable to removable appliances. The limiting factor have been in the inability to mill chrome-cobalt into a partial framework.

This limitation has now been overcome by incorporating laser sintering technology into the fabrication process. With laser sintering, the manufacturing steps of spruing, investing, casting and devesting each individual prosthetic are eliminated. From design through final fabrication, the process is now completely controlled digitally. What this means for you and your patient are partials which exhibit new level of accuracy , consistency and fit.

Biogenic Dental: Located in Utica close to Syracuse and Schenectady

You have the option of getting a complete partial or framework only

NobilStar Ultra

NobilStar Ultra is our high end partial that offers a five year warranty against breakage. A complete partial includes articulation, NobilSTar Ultra Framework, Set up, Ivoclar®, Trubyte®, or other comparable premium denture teeth and is processed in Hi-Impact finished to your specifications & returned to you pre-fitted on your original master model

Biogenic 500™

This is a premium electromagnetically cast cobalt/ chromium alloy. A complete partial includes articulation, Biogenic 500 framework, set up and Dentsply classic processed in Biogenic 400 fibered resin and finished.

Economy Partial

A complete partial includes Articulation, economy framework and set up. We use Dentsply classic, Genneric teeth and then process in Economy Resin

Additional Partial Services Include:

We offer Combination Partials, Comfort-Flex Partials and Acrylic Partials.
Swing Lock Technique added as an addition to cast framework
- Distal Extension Hinge added as an addition to cast framework
- Process Gate in Acrylic
- Cast Backing for Custom Veneer
- Custom PolyGlass Veneer
- Cast Onlay
- Full Denture Cast Metal Base for Biogenic Noble Star Ultra & Biogenic 500
- Cast Unilaterial complete with one tooth. (*Additional teeth available with a charge per each additional tooth)
- Partial Frame Survey Design on Model
- Emailed Proof of Digital Frame Design

We also offer Laser-Welded Repairs & Reconstruction

No solder or heat transfer; no damage to teeth or acrylic